d’Vines General Manager Sasha Divine. Photo by Rodney Margison


Many people don’t know what they are looking for when buying wine. They may choose a wine based on a clever name or an attractive label or by price. And they have absolutely no idea what the wine tastes like until they open the bottle. 

James Divine thinks there is a better way to select wine. That’s why he and his family created d’Vines – A Wine Experience, 340 S. Patterson Drive (at 3rd Street and Patterson Drive). 

Part tasting room, part wine shop, Divine says his family-owned and -operated establishment offers a “vineyard-type experience” that is unlike visiting a grocery or liquor store when it comes to choosing wine. “People don’t always know what to try because they don’t really know what they like,” Divine says. He suggests sampling several wines, experimenting a bit, and finding out what you like before spending money on an entire bottle.

That’s why, at d’Vines, customers can try up to 28 different wines, all dispensed from tasting machines. The space at d’Vines is divided into two areas—a wine shop that sells bottles and takes special orders, and a tasting room, complete with sofas, chairs, and tables. Customers can order tapas-style small plates and other foods to accompany their wine. 

Divine’s brother, local chef Sasha Divine, manages day-to-day operations as well as the menu offerings.

d’Vines plans to bring in acoustic music some evenings and have special events such as “Bubble Sunday” brunches. Divine says the goal is to make wine approachable and fun. 

“It’s all about the experience; it’s something you do with friends,” he says. “You can explore less-well-known grapes and varieties.” 

Or, if you just want to sip a glass of wine and enjoy the experience without knowing more about the wine, Divine says, that’s good, too.

For more information, visit dvines.net.