General Manager Lynn Schwartzberg. Photos by Martin Boling


Chef Corbin Morwick was honing his culinary craft in Boston when One World Catering owners Jeff Mease and Lennie Busch hired him as their first and only executive chef 11 years ago. Morwick had worked at Lennie’s Restaurant and Brewpub, a One World brand, in the early 2000s, but moved to Boston to further develop his skills as a chef. 

Chef Corbin Morwick.

“Boston was a great learning experience in the culinary world,” Morwick says. “That’s where I rounded out my abilities and gained confidence to take over as executive chef. When I had the opportunity to take this job, I jumped on it.”

Morwick’s focus is on using fresh, locally sourced vegetables, meats, and other ingredients whenever possible. “My philosophy is to make dishes as fresh as I can,” he says. “Food should nourish the body as well as make you feel happy and full. I consider the whole picture as far as food goes, and not just making it as cheap and as fast as you can. We put care and love in it and, hopefully, that shows in how it presents and tastes.”  

General Manager Lynn Schwartzberg raves about Morwick’s talents. “Chef Corbin brings an encyclopedic knowledge of food preparation to the table, with a steady hand and demeanor that everyone who has worked in his kitchen appreciates,” she says. 

In addition to Morwick, Schwartzberg says each staff member plays an important role in One World Catering’s success. “Our main focus of staff training is the guest experience,” she says. “We want each guest at a wedding to have a wonderful time and not be looking around for water. We want to anticipate each person’s needs.” That includes customizing food to suit the tastes, food preferences, and allergy considerations of all of the guests, Schwartzberg says. “It’s the attention to details that we think people notice.”