photography by RICHARDSON STUDIO

Bloomfield native Cathleen Jackson dreamed of opening a women’s clothing boutique most of her adult life. Having a fashion-loving mother, two sisters, and two daughters—Taylor, 22, and Carmen, 16—she envisioned a store where all could enjoy shopping together. Jackson, 48, realized her dream last fall, when she opened Mainstream Boutique on South Walnut.

The store has a multigenerational approach, and Jackson and her staff work on personally styling each woman who walks through the door. They create looks for customers “that really fit their lifestyle, physicality, and body type,” Jackson says. “We work with the natural color palette of our customers and find pieces in our store that will illuminate their face, so they look brighter and more vibrant.”

Mainstream is part of a small franchise group that carries an exclusive line called Mac and Me. But each boutique is different, says Jackson, who selects attire that she feels works best for the Bloomington market and her clients. “We want to find pieces that flatter all the best assets of our customers, while educating them about why the piece looks good,” she says. “It’s also fun to encourage our customers to take fashion risks.”