Volunteers of all ages can help keep storm drains clear of leaves, debris and trash through the Adopt-a-Drain program. Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: The following is a press release from the City of Bloomington. Bloom has republished it here in its entirety, with minor edits for style.

The City of Bloomington Utilities Department (CBU) invites residents to participate in a new family-friendly volunteer program: Adopt-a-Drain. In this partnership, residents help maintain storm drains to reduce flood risk and increase water quality. 

Volunteers commit to inspecting certain storm drains on a regular basis—especially before heavy rains—to keep them from becoming clogged with grass clippings, leaves, trash, and other debris.  Prospective Adopt-a-Drain volunteers may learn more about the program and apply to participate at https://bloomington.in.gov/utilities/stormwater/adopt-a-drain.

With over 12,000 storm drains within City limits, activating resident assistance to clear storm drains will help CBU reduce flood risk and increase water quality. Volunteers inspect their assigned storm drain(s) at least once per month, clear them when needed, and complete a brief Adopt-a-Drain report (online) on a quarterly basis.  Volunteers may usually opt to care for a drain or drains in a location convenient to them.  Reminders, including related stormwater tips, will be sent monthly.

“Actively upgrading the city’s stormwater infrastructure—including green improvements—and working with neighbors on stormwater solutions are some of the innovative ways CBU is managing and mitigating the effects of climate change,” says Mayor John Hamilton.    

“The Adopt-a-Drain program is an easy way to get involved with stewarding our natural resources,” says CBU Stormwater Education Specialist Kriste Lindberg.  “The only prerequisite for volunteering is a concern for the well-being of our community!”  

To file a concern about a storm drain, residents may complete a uReport at bloomington.in.gov/ureport.