On July 1, Governor Eric Holcomb announced a new statewide campaign called “Mask Up Hoosiers” that encourages Hoosiers to wear face masks in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Monroe County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (MoCOAD) had already beat him to the punch by launching facial covering promotional campaigns #WearItBtown and #WearItMoCo on May 25.

 #WearItBtown and #WearItMoCo aim to normalize the wearing of cloth facial coverings, says Christina Kempf, MoCOAD chair and Monroe County Health Department public health coordinator. Taking part in the campaign is simple: snap a photo of yourself in a face mask, post it to social media with the hashtags #WearItBtown and #WearItMoCo, and challenge a friend or family member to post a picture in a mask. Participants can also sign an online COVID-19 Prevention Pledge. 

In addition to this, MoCOAD has designated specific weeks for members of community groups and organizations to band together and participate in #WearItBtown. For example, from July 20–24, businesses are encouraged to promote their mask-wearing.

Kempf and MoCOAD hope the campaign will reduce the spread of COVID-19, since recent scientific studies have shown face masks to be effective in halting the virus. “No one wants to wear a mask,” Kempf says, “but it’s a small price to pay for me to ensure that if I’m infected and I’m asymptomatic especially—which we know can happen—that I’m not going to infect you. Because it’s just a small thing I can do to prevent multiple people potentially being infected by a virus that is in some people deadly.”

Keep these few things in mind about face masks, Kempf says. First, wearing one is part of an array of prevention measures, which also includes social distancing and handwashing. You should wear one whenever you can’t guarantee six feet of distance between you and others who don’t live with you. And ideally, the masks themselves should consist of three layers of dense fabric and fit your face well.

To learn more or donate to the campaign, visit or the Monroe County Health Department Facebook page.

The “Wear It” Challenge Schedule

  • June 22-26 – City & County Government
  • June 29-July 3 – Schools (Pre-K thru College)
  • July 6-10 – All Health Care / Residential Care / First Responders
  • July 13-17 – Community Groups / Social Services / Community Individuals
  • July 20-24 – Businesses  
  • July 27-31 – Arts / Theatre / Music
  • August 3-7 – Faith-Based Communities