Editor’s Message: Silence of the Lambs

The upcoming election is the most momentous since Lincoln vs. Breckenridge in 1860, when the future of slavery was in the balance. For this is more than politics as usual with Republican conservatives vs. Democrat liberals. Politics is just the battlefield—the fight is between right and wrong, between a republic and a dictatorship, between justice and injustice, between good and evil. Read more.

Guest Column: University-Community Partnership Remains Strong

The COVID-19 global pandemic forced the cancellation of a number of much-anticipated Indiana University bicentennial events commemorating this unique and major milestone in the life of the university. But in spite of this, the extensive events that had already been held clearly underscored the fact that IU and the Bloomington community are, in so many ways, inseparable, interdependent, and interconnected. Read more.

Guest Column: The Way of Imagination

When I visit elementary schools, I tell the children they possess two superpowers, and their eyes open wide. You’re exercising one of those powers now. Like schoolchildren poring over books, you’re turning ink marks on a page into words and meanings. Unlike youngsters, for whom learning to read is a recent achievement, adults might forget the astonishment we felt when suddenly those inky squiggles evoked pictures, stories, and ideas in our minds. Read more.

Heroes of the Pandemic

If there is any positivity at all that has come from this pandemic, it is the way our community has come together and the many people who have gone beyond the call of duty to help their fellow citizens. This is, of course, no surprise. We’re that type of town. Read more.

The Evolution of a Garden

It is rare that new owners of a previously occupied house inherit a spacious, completely open, unplanted backyard. But that’s just what appealed to Jean and John Donatiello when they purchased their home in Bloomington’s Sterling Woods. Read more.