Attorneys Betsy Greene and Fred Schultz pose with one of their donated tablet devices. Courtesy photo

Bloomington law firm Greene & Schultz has donated video conferencing equipment to Bell Trace Senior Living Community to make it easier and safer for residents to stay in touch with their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for those living in senior care facilities, the pandemic has seen strict lockdown and quarantine measures for America’s elderly population during the last six months.

“I lost my mother this year, just before the COVID shut down,” says attorney Betsy Greene in a press release. “She and her husband, Ralph, lived in the Bell Trace assisted living facility in the last years of her life. Shortly after her passing, Bell Trace was quarantined. Ralph couldn’t have visitors and couldn’t leave. He had difficulty with his hearing, so talking on the phone was a problem. The lack of communication made a tough situation even worse.”

Greene & Schultz donated the equipment as part of the national Injury Board Day of Action, which encourages injury attorneys to contribute positively to their communities.

“When we’re at our best, attorneys help people,” said Injury Board founder Tom Young.

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