A living room set with sofa and love seat. Photo by Martin Boling


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to reassess their operations and perhaps alter their practices, and ETC for the Home, Bloomington’s locally owned home furnishing and interior design center, is one of them.

“We recognize that we are in a pivotal time of change,” says Lori Denker, ETC’s general manager. “And we are asking what we can do differently to keep up with what’s happening now. We’re in the process of reimaging ETC creatively.”

Lori Denker. Photo by Martin Boling

That means establishing new shopping experiences for customers at the retail store on South Walnut and at the ETC warehouse on Liberty Drive, where the majority of the furniture selections are displayed. Customers can set up private shopping appointments at either location now or shop by phone with curbside pickup.

“We launched our Facebook online store with new inventory added every week, and we’re having more sales and running them longer,” says Denker, who brought 30 years of experience in marketing and interior design when she began working at ETC in May.

“We know a lot of people are struggling financially,” she says, “and we are setting price points” to appeal to all budgets.

That’s possible, she says, “because we buy strategically and are able to purchase inventory under cost and pass the savings on to the consumer. We can offer unique furniture and home décor options at generous discounts.”

ETC has been in business for eight years. In addition to furniture in many styles, it sells kitchen appliances, cookware, rugs, and lighting. “You can come to ETC and fully furnish your home,” says Denker. The ETC design center upstairs at the main store is the place to meet with specialists in architectural design, interior design, and window treatments.

There is also a small women’s boutique with clothing, jewelry, and perfume.

Denker says new items will be available soon. “This year we are closing out select inventory to make room for the new.”