Carmela Senior-Euhl. Photo by Rodney Margison


With the recent acquisition of a third suite in Fountain Square Mall, Bloomington Massage & Bodyworks is now providing a movement and art space to complement the therapeutic work that’s been offered since 1997.

The additional space provides opportunities for movement classes, workshops, and rehearsal space for dance groups. “When we educate our clients, we recommend stretching and yoga, and this is a good next step for us to actually be able to bring it in,” says owner Carmela Senior-Euhl.

Along with yoga, ELDOA classes are also an option. ELDOA is a system of movements developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer. “It’s more of an exercise to create space between the vertebrae and the spine and to strengthen that space,” Senior-Euhl says. “I’m really excited to bring it to Bloomington and help people open up the body’s systems and help people get out of chronic pain.”

Relieving pain may be one reason clients seek services at Bloomington Massage & Bodyworks, and with CBD massage offered since 2019, clients have an extra option for pain relief. The lotion used during a CBD massage is infused with CBD oil.

“It has a calming, anti-anxiety effect,” Senior-Euhl says. “Massage itself is calming, but this amplifies the effects.” She says CBD massage helps with arthritis and decreases inflammation, and the effects last a few days longer. “It’s a mild substance but powerful,” she adds.

Like many businesses, Bloomington Massage & Bodyworks closed last March due to the pandemic. Before reopening in May, Senior-Euhl says they looked into what measures could be put into place to keep everyone safe. One addition was installing air purifiers with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and an internal Ultraviolet C light. “It recirculates all the air about four times an hour,” she says.

Clients and employees are also screened and wear masks. “We’ve decreased capacity to allow for extra cleaning and to monitor how many people cross paths,” Senior-Euhl says. “We have not encountered any need to close again since opening back up.”

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