(l-r) The Butcher’s Block offers rotating meals-to-go options that include (l-r) jambalaya, pozole rojo, and beef stew. Photo by Rodney Margison


For the first time in the 17 years that The Butcher’s Block has been a culinary presence on the east side, it is offering a full array of meals-to-go.

“The highlight is these are fully cooked and ready to reheat,” owner David Schell says. “They represent seasonality and are reflective of ingredients in our store.”

Schell cites customers wanting an expansion of cooked, ready-to-eat meals as a driving force behind this offering. “We also wanted to cater to the east side of town for those looking for a scratch-made meal, and for anyone who couldn’t get out because of COVID.”

These hearty meals are available in the store and can be ordered by phone, through the website, or on the store’s app. “What’s nice about the app is that you can enter another address and send it to friends or a business,” Schell says.

Bestsellers include jambalaya—featuring sausage, shrimp, and chicken—brisket chili, beef stew, and Mexican pozole. Sesame chicken, chicken curry, and chicken and dumplings also sell well. Warmer months may see choices such as gazpacho or smoked chicken sausage with vegetables.

“Our cooks are thrilled to make new items,” says Schell. “It’s great for inspiration.”

Meals range in price from $12– $20 per quart and come in freezable containers. Each quart contains up to four servings. “All the components are ready to go and may include a side such as rice or mashed potatoes,” Schell says. “And there’s assurance that it’s quality-made.”

The meals-to-go, along with other Butcher’s Block fare, can also be brought to your door, with same-day delivery if your order is placed by 11 a.m. “There are so many things to choose, from those who want to stock their freezer to those who want a lobster roll kit,” Schell says. Delivery recently expanded to include Ellettsville, Bedford, and some parts of Columbus.

To see all items available at The Butcher’s Block and to place orders, check out bloomingtonmeat.com.