COVID-19 is still raging in many parts of the world, in some states, and, I’m sad to say, it’s still with us in Monroe County. So even though life feels almost back to normal in Bloomington with most people maskless and restaurants and shops fully open, the threat persists and our economy could quickly be shut down again.

As of this writing, 45% of Monroe County adults are still not fully vaccinated. That, despite the fact that nationwide, 99% of those hospitalized and dying of COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

Which makes me want to scream, ‘WTF!’

I hate to be unkind, but how can 45% of our county residents be so callous?! Do they have a death wish? Do they not care about infecting others? Are they taking their cues from crackpot politicians and fear-mongering right-wing media? Do they think they’re making a political statement? Are their religious beliefs holding them back? Are they counting on the rest of us getting vaccinated and herd immunity saving them? Or are they just stupid?

Unvaccinated adults pose a threat to themselves, to children, to other unvaccinated adults, and to some extent, even to the fully vaccinated. With the Delta variant sweeping the country, Pfizer is publicly questioning the long-term efficacy of its vaccine and company scientists are now working to develop a booster shot.

Today, it’s so easy to get vaccinated in Monroe County. No residency is required, it’s free, and the Pfizer and Moderna shots are painless. No appointment is needed—walk in and 20 minutes later, walk out. In three or four weeks return for the second shot.

It’s true that some people experience discomfort or even a low fever within a few days of being vaccinated. But the side- effect is short lived and negligible compared to contracting COVID-19, an agonizing, debilitating disease that can kill you or cause long-term illness.

So, if you are among the 45%, please, do the right thing for yourself, for your kids, for your fellow human beings, for the economy, and get vaccinated.

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Malcolm Abrams
[email protected]

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