The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music: Making Beautiful Music for 100 Years

Over the past 100 years, the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music has become an illustrious force in American music education. Countless eminent and celebrated musicians have called it home— some as faculty, some as students, and some as both. Read more.

Coming Attractions! Live Entertainment Is Back

Hallelujah! After 18 months of shuttered theaters and darkened music halls, live performances are back.

While most of our local performing groups and venues continued to entertain via the internet during the height of the pandemic—some in extraordinarily creative ways—nothing can compare to live theater, live dance, and live music. Read more.

Editor’s Message: For the Birds

Live entertainment. You can’t beat it. I grew up in a theater-loving family where nothing was more exciting than attending a live play or concert. I still find that to be the case. So, during the height of the pandemic, while our local performing arts organizations did their best to entertain us by other means, I grew desperate.

How desperate was I for live entertainment? So desperate I bought a bird bath. Read more.