(l-r) Julian Rogers and Jordan Huneycutt opened Soul Juice at the corner of North College and West 6th Street in September 2020. Photo by Martin Boling


Jordan Huneycutt and Julian Rogers like to travel, spending time on both coasts, in big cities, and on tropical beaches. They’re also a couple of health-conscious guys.

“What we’ve noticed is it is so hard to eat clean and healthy when you’re on the go in the Midwest,” Huneycutt says.

From that simple pronouncement, Soul Juice was born.

Banana spelt waffles topped with raspberries and blue- berries at Soul Juice. Photo by Martin Boling

Soul Juice is more than a juice bar. With 100% organic offerings, local and in-season produce, plus housemade nut butters
and non-dairy milks, the emphasis is on nutrition as well as taste.

At 122 W. 6th St., Soul Juice offers a variety of vegan-based bowls with fruit, granola, and other toppings; coconut yogurt parfaits; chia pudding; sprouted spelt waffles; gourmet toast with gluten-free options; and Kamut cereal, in addition to juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and on- tap cold brew coffee.

Huneycutt, 32, is an Evansville, Indiana, native who majored in business administration at the University of Southern Indiana. Soul Juice is his second business venture, after his digital marketing company. “I’m still doing that and still living in Evansville,” he says. “I come up to Bloomington twice a week to keep a hand in things here.”

Rogers, 24, grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana, and moved to Bloomington in 2015. He’s taken business classes at Ivy Tech Community College–Bloomington, but spends a lot of time traveling. His passion is fruit.

“I’m contacting people, seeing their farms,” Rogers says. “Eventually we want to have our own farm, but right now we’re making contacts and gaining knowledge.”

Soul Juice opened in September 2020, during COVID-19 lockdown.

“We didn’t take out any loans,” Huneycutt says. “We put our equity into this, and we’re already seeing a profit.”

Soul Juice is growing beyond the corner of West 6th Street and North College. So far, it’s supplying juice to the Indiana University football team, the Graduate Hotel Bloomington, and the city’s new nightclub, Kalao. There are plans for another location in Evansville, and the purchase of a food truck to take Soul Juice on the road.

For more information, visit juicemysoul.com.