The Showers Building today. Photo by Erin Stephenson
City Hall, where the meeting will be held to discuss Ordinance 21-45. Photo by Erin Stephenson

At the City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 17, the Council will hear from members of the community about Ordinance 21-45, which would prohibit the sale of dogs in pet stores in Bloomington.

The ordinance was unanimously approved by the Animal Control Commission on November 8 and seeks to prevent pet stores from acquiring puppies through puppy mills, where they live in unsanitary conditions, rarely receive medical treatment, and are given inadequate food and water.

More than 400 U.S. communities, including five in Indiana—St. Joseph County, Columbus, Dyer, Highland, and Crown Point—have passed similar ordinances. The ordinance will not prevent pet stores from showcasing puppies from rescues and shelters.

The meeting will be held at City Hall from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Interested community members can attend the meeting to share their thoughts on the ordinance.

View the Ordinance 21-45 brochure here. For more information about the meeting, visit