Representatives from the Boys & Girls Club with the funds donated by Hoosier Hills Credit Union. Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: The following is a press release from Hoosier Hills Credit Union. Bloom has republished it here with minor edits for style and clarity.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union (HHCU) has awarded $10,000 to three local charitable organizations in Ellettsville, home to HHCU’s newest service center location. The charities are the Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville, Pantry 279, and The Villages of Indiana/Ellettsville.
In August, Hoosier Hills launched the Better for Our Communities Ellettsville Donation Drive and pledged to donate $10,000 to the three selected groups, with each organization’s amount to be based proportionately on how much the community contributed to each entity on the HHCU website during the donation period. With its donation, the Credit Union was able to more than triple the funds raised by each group’s constituents.
Total donation amounts per organization are:

  • Pantry 279: $2,810 community donations raised, plus HHCU’s contribution of $8,900 to total $11,710.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville: $245 community donations raised, plus HHCU’s contribution of $770 to total $1,015.
  • The Villages of Indiana (Ellettsville office): $110 community donations raised, plus HHCU’s contribution of $350 to total $460.

“We are delighted to be an active member in the community and help with local needs that will provide an immediate impact,” says Travis Markley, HHCU president and CEO. “We appreciate our partnership with Pantry 279, the Boys & Girls Club, and The Villages to be able to raise funds for such great causes while also spreading awareness of the excellent work they do.”
“The donation that HHCU provided to Pantry 279 will fund half of the turkeys to be distributed in our Thanksgiving boxes for holiday meals for our families in need,” adds Cindy Chavez, director of Pantry 279. “

“There is no greater feeling than to know we will be able to provide individuals and families a warm, homemade Thanksgiving meal,” says Chavez.
The Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville will be using their donation to make the club accessible to local youth. “The money received will allow families to access our ‘out-of-school’ program for only $20 per year,” says Executive Director Jeff Baldwin. “Affordable, safe, and nurturing youth development and childcare opportunities can be cost prohibitive for most families. This generous gift from Hoosier Hills Credit Union will allow families in the Ellettsville area to have affordable access to our program offerings.”
Caleb Branam, clinical director for The Villages in Ellettsville, says their donation money will remain local—even though the company is statewide—and will be used to help cover the costs of everything they do regarding foster placements and adoptions. “Every penny helps when it comes to being able to accomplish our mission,” Branam says. “Generous organizations like HHCU are the reason we’re able to do what we do for the children in this community.”