The showroom at Vue, a new eyewear boutique in Fountain Square Mall, 101 W. Kirkwood. Photo by Jeff Richardson


During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Bloomington’s downtown Square, typically a prime retail destination, appeared subdued. Yet, there was bustling optimism inside the recently vacated retail space at 101 W. Kirkwood, an iconic corner in Fountain Square Mall that had housed optometry businesses for decades.

“The day this space became available, we called and asked to lease it,” explains Dr. Brandy Deckard, owner of Precision Eye Group, standing in the retail space of Vūe, her group’s new eyewear boutique. “Originally, we planned to open in August 2020, but a shortage of materials and construction delays pushed our opening to February 2021. An optometrist has been a staple on the Square for years, and we are so excited to be continuing that tradition.”

Deckard, a Bedford native and graduate of the Indiana University School of Optometry, began her career when she joined Dr. Howard & Associates in 2008. After acquiring the practice in 2014, she changed its name to Precision Eye Group and added a Bedford office. “The goal is for Vūe is to be different than the other locations—offer a different view, if you like. The focus here is on offering an extensive selection of international boutique brands that were not previously available in Bloomington—one would have to go to larger cities like Chicago or Cincinnati to find them.”

Adam Brown, Precision’s optical director, selects and orders Vūe’s stock, which includes optical design from Denmark, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Belgium, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“We essentially had a blank canvas which is coming together beautifully,” says Brown. “But beyond a little artistry and world-class aesthetics, this is a full-service facility with a primary care focus. You can get an eye exam here, although more detailed ocular issues are handled at the east-side office.”

Deckard is joined by six other doctors at Precision Eye Group plus a support staff.

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