28 Friday / October 28, 2016

Black Bear Bierschnaps Release at Cardinal Spirits

12:00 pm to 12:00 am
Cardinal Spirits

Our newest creation is Black Bear Bierschnaps, a collaboration with Upland Brewing Company here in Bloomington. We worked with them to brew a custom batch of their imperial stout “Teddy Bear Kisses” using slightly less hops. Before fermentation we took about 10% of the wort and boiled it down into a rich, dark roasted malt syrup. After cold-fermenting the rest of it, we set aside some of the finished stout, and distilled the rest of it to around 150 proof, essentially making a stout whiskey. After all was said and done, we blended the wort syrup, the stout, and the stout whiskey with a couple extra botanicals to create this unique, powerful amaro. We think bartenders and home drinkers alike will have lots of fun with this strange new spirit. Bottles go on sale at noon.

Cost: Free to attend

For more information contact:

Erica Sagon
(812) 202-6789

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