Issue: June/July 2019

Volunteers Save Lives Fostering Baby Animals

Spring and summer see an increase in the number of newborn animals. Both WildCare, which rehabilitates wild animals, and City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control rely on volunteers to foster young animals in their homes. Bloomington Animal Shelter manager Julia Eppley says, “Without those homes offering daily care during a critically high-volume time, our organization would not have nearly so many positive outcomes.”

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Steve Dawson: Engineer & Artist

A pivotal moment in Steve Dawson’s creative journey came in a workshop taught by Indianapolis painter C.W. Mundy. “I had told C.W. I was there because I wanted to be an artist,” Dawson explains. “I painted all that week, and at the end, C.W. pulled me aside and said, ‘Stop saying you want to be an artist; you are an artist. You don’t need any more classes. You just need to get out there and do it.’”

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