Issue: October/November 2019

Sensory-Friendly Plays Make Theater Accessible To Kids With Disabilities

Making live theater more accessible is often on the minds of the folks at Cardinal Stage. One example is Cardinal’s Community Ticket Initiative, which allows people to see theater performances free of charge. Another way Cardinal is making theater more accessible is with sensory-friendly performances of their Cardinal for Kids productions during the 2019–20 season.

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Ghost Walk Serves Up Spooky Fun For All Ages

At 200 years old, Indiana University has quite a few local legends, including ghostly yarns like the one about a grumpy child apparition in the Indiana Memorial Union Tudor Room, said to be connected to a painting of a little boy holding a pumpkin. Rumor has it the spirit creates a fuss when the chairs and tables in the room are moved out of place. Indulging in such stories is part of the fun when the IU Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department holds its annual Ghost Walk.

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‘Truth Matters’ Event Examines Untruth in News & Social Media

It’s a phenomenon many people, especially those who are politically liberal, can relate to. In The Brainwashing of My Dad, filmmaker Jen Senko explores how her once reasonable, non-political, Kennedy Democrat father became the embodiment of racial and social intolerance. The answer was easy to find. It began when he started a long commute and filled his time with right-wing talk radio. It peaked when he started watching Fox News.

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