Issue: October/November 2016

Opportunity House: Helping Out for Nearly 50 Years

Back in 1968, a group of “church ladies” stumbled upon life on the other side of the tracks. The women were shocked to see the deprivation that existed in the neighborhood known as Pigeon Hill. The sight of ramshackle housing inspired the group to lend a helping hand.

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Big Woods Comfort Food: You’ll Feel the Burn

Got a hankering for some classic American comfort food with just enough of an edge to keep your taste buds from feeling too complacent? How about creamy cavatappi (helical tube-shaped) macaroni and five (count ’em,fi ve!) cheeses, studded with the fresh zing of jalapeño peppers? Or fish and chips, spicy enough to bite back when you sink your teeth into the crispy batter? Wings, smoked and baked instead of deep fried, served traditional Buffalo-style or with Middle Eastern za’atar and honey? Or an all-American ice cream oat, where the rich Chocolate Moose ice cream melts into a velvety pint of Quaff On! Common Necessity Hazelnut Stout? Big Woods Bloomington has your number.

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Jeanne Smith: Change Maker

If there is any thread that connects the disparate aspects of Jeanne Smith’s life, it’s her ability to reimagine the world. Whether it’s recreating herself to become the person she was meant to be (Smith, now 64, lived as a man until age 55), refurbishing items so they can find new purpose, or participating in politics, Smith makes change happen.

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