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Reward Yourself With a Lawnmower Beer

One of my favorite summer memories is my childhood task of bringing my dad a beer after he finished mowing our big backyard—a half-acre kickball/soccer/wiffleball field that certainly earned him a cold one. So as summer rolls into Bloomington, I find myself turning to “lawnmower beers”—brews that are light enough to quench my thirst but flavorful enough to seem like a reward after gardening or mowing.

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B-town Brews Using Local Malts, Hops, and Yeasts

Take a look at a lot of Bloomington restaurant menus and you will see an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The localvore movement fits well into Bloomington’s culture. Perhaps this is why I drink local beers whenever I can, supporting the talent of Bloomington’s brewers with each pint. In turn, these local brewers are seeking out locally and regionally sourced ingredients for their beers.

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