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Bloomington’s Veterans: Their Struggles and Triumphs (COVER STORY)

Veterans have been an important part of Bloomington since its founding in 1818, when early settlers included soldiers who had fought in the Revolutionary War. David Maxwell, known as the father of Indiana University, was a surgeon in the War of 1812, and numerous campus buildings—including Maxwell Hall and Willkie and McNutt quadrangles—are named for specific veterans, while others honor veterans generally: Memorial Stadium, Memorial Union, Memorial Hall.

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Brooke Bierhaus: A Young Woman Pursuing a Dream, One Cup of Coffee (or Tea) at a Time

In an era where the most common way for people to stay in touch is on Facebook, it might seem unusual for a young woman to explore the intimate ways people can connect over a cup of coffee or tea. In her documentary, The Connected Cup, Bloomington native Brooke Bierhaus examines how sharing in the age-old ritual of making and drinking co ee or tea brings people together despite the seeming barriers of race, religion, ethnicity—even language.

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Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor (1934-2019): A Woman of Peace and Forgiveness

For decades, Eva Mozes Kor carried the weight of Auschwitz with her. At the age of 10, her parents and her two older sisters were murdered there by the Nazis. The fact that she and her identical twin sister survived only added to that weight. But, in the end, it wasn’t what she carried but what she finally chose to lay down that mattered most—to her and to those who will carry on her legacy.

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Under the Weather: How Climate Change is Messing with Monroe County

Indiana’s seasons aren’t quite what they used to be. Wet springs that lead to floods are often followed by summers with dangerously high temperatures. Winters can be strangely warm and dry, or just as easily bring record-breaking blizzards and below-zero temperatures. It’s all due to climate change—and it’s influencing what we eat, how we feel, and even how long some of us will live.

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