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200-Year History of Bloomington Focus of Mathers Museum Exhibit

January 2018 marked the start of Bloomington’s bicentennial year, and in September, Indiana University kicked off a yearlong series of events celebrating its own 200 years. In honor of both occasions, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures has gathered materials that put an environmental spin on the history of the city and the university in an exhibit entitled “800 Seasons: Change and Continuity in Bloomington, 1818–2018.”

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Library Invites Community to Explore The Power of Words

We may live in polarized, angry times, but it isn’t a singular moment says author Margaret McMullan. “We’ve been there before, in the years leading up to the Holocaust and the Civil Rights era in Mississippi,” she says. “There were so many similarities in those times and now. The righteousness, the need to find scapegoats for our problems, the fear and fury. The hate. The violence.”

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Look Out for Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard isn’t the only botanical troublemaker thriving in our fields and forests, but it’s among the most insidious. Deceptively small at first, the biennial jumps from about 4 inches tall during its initial year to as much as 4 feet tall during year two.

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Science Prof Creates Art to Make Biology Enjoyable

Jake McKinlay’s art features alien shapes and arresting colors, making his illustrations feel otherworldly, but his subject matter is actually much closer to home. An associate professor in the Indiana University Department of Biology, McKinlay creates original artwork to help his students understand complex biochemical concepts associated with metabolism.

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