In September, Bloomington Playwrights Project will launch IN THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT, providing live, ticketed performances that can be viewed via Zoom from the comfort of the viewer’s home.

For the first season, performances include Living Room Cruise Lines: A Cruise in a Box, Virtual Reality: Magic in a Box, and Manhunt: Mystery in a Box.

Prior to the performance, attendees will receive a package that will contain accoutrements to enhance their viewing experience. For example, a cruise ship performance might include “a Hawaiian lei, a tiny umbrella to put in your drink, a passport, an ocean-scented candle, and other important items to set the mood,” the organization explains on its website. The specific contents of the box are not revealed prior to the performance.

IN THE BOX has been created especially for Zoom. The organization’s website describes the performances as an “interactive TV broadcast” using multiple cameras and specialized lighting. All performances feature live performers filmed by a behind-the-scenes tech crew.

Tickets range from $40–$70 and are available on the IN THE BOX website,