A Black Lives Matter window cling at the Bloom office, 414 W. 6th St. Photo by Cassaundra Huskey


The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s, the race riots of 1967, the Rodney King riots of 1992, the Ferguson uprising of 2014, and so many other racial crises were followed by protests and then promises of large-scale, meaningful change. But that never happened. This time feels different, but other times felt different as well.

A Black Lives Matter window cling won’t make a huge difference, but it can serve as an everyday reminder to others, especially when the protests end, that you oppose racism. It can also serve as a reminder to continue to be an anti-racist in your daily life. Put it on your home, car, or workplace.

The window clings are free. You can pick one up at the Bloom office, 414 W. 6th St., Monday-Thursday. If you have a business and would like to have some for your customers, let us know at [email protected].

Let’s make sure this time is different.