Protesters parade west on East 7th Street from Dunn Meadow toward the Monroe County Courthouse during a protest and march to decry racial injustice. Photo by Rodney Margison

A peaceful protest rally and march drew thousands of people to Dunn Meadow and later the downtown Square Friday afternoon in support of racial justice and to protest police brutality.

The event was held to demonstrate “solidarity with those in the streets in Minneapolis and the Black liberation movement that is working to destroy white supremacy, abolish police brutality, and free us all,” according to the Facebook page set up for the event.

At Dunn Meadow on the campus of Indiana University, speakers addressed the crowd, with most participatns carrying protest signs and nearly all wearing masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group marched west from Dunn Meadow on 7th Street to Washington Street, then south to 6th Street, then west to the downtown Square where other people spoke from the southwest corner of the courthouse.

Police blocked off the area in order to keep traffic away from the Square.

Photos from the event by Bloom Managing Editor Rodney Margison.