Photo courtesy of Loren Wood Builders


Loren Wood Builders is celebrating 10 years in Bloomington, and owner Loren Wood says the company has its values to thank for its longevity.

“There are many things that contribute to our success, but I believe that the root of all of them is the fact that we established guiding principles early on and we hold ourselves accountable to them,” Wood says.

Among the company’s principles are attention to detail, a collaborative and empowering work environment, a focus on community investment, and a commitment to the environment.

Wood founded Loren Wood Builders in 2010 during what he thought would be a temporary break from teaching high school math.

“I had been cultivating a love for building for much of that previous decade and a leap of faith led me to take a leave of absence,” Wood said in a press release.

When the company was founded, Wood and his wife, Lindsay, were the only employees. Today, Loren Wood Builders is operated with a team of 50 people. Looking forward, Wood says he hopes the company will continue growing alongside the community.

“One big physical change is that we have outgrown our building on the east side of town and will be moving into a wonderful new space at 900 S. Walnut,” Wood says. “This new space represents an opportunity for us to be situated in the heart of the community we love.”

Wood says that the 100-year-old building, once occupied by the Indiana Limestone Company, has a “ton of history.”

“We are excited to restore it and make it our own,” he says. “There’s no doubt that once we are able to get together again, we will schedule a celebration in this new space.”

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