The murals outside Artisan Alley. Photo by Roger Pfingston

Editor’s note: The following has been adapted from a press release from Artisan Alley. Bloom has republished it here with edits for style and clarity.

The local cooperative arts organization Artisan Alley has launched the Rotating Mural Project, which will create and install a series of rotating murals in central Indiana elementary schools, middle schools, and businesses.

Professional artists from Artisan Alley and students from partner schools, including Templeton Elementary and University Elementary in Bloomington and Edgewood Junior High in Ellettsville, will design and paint murals based on requests from educators and business owners. Artisan Alley​ will then install the murals starting in early 2021 and rotate them every few months between the partners to create a flowing system of professional-grade murals for south-central Indiana communities.

“Artisan Alley is incredibly excited about this project. Our mission is to provide art in accessible ways to all members of the regional community, and this project does that by combining student talents with professional direction and offering quality art to local organizations at zero cost,” says the organization in a press release. “It beautifies spaces devoid of art and furthers the integration of businesses and schools into the wider community.”

Artisan Alley is currently seeking muralists to help create the murals and Indiana schools and organizations to house the artwork.

To pursue these options or donate to the mural project, visit or call 812-360-5164.