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Editor’s Message: “Religion vs. Freedom”

In Loving Memory of Nancy Hiller

The Devastating Health Effects of SEA 1 [Indiana’s Abortion Law] (Guest Column by Dr. Alice Wood M.D.)

The Economic Impact of SEA 1 (Guest Column by Alex Crowley)

Up Front

The Big Picture: Exhaustion

Tatiana Wheeler: Housing Security Advocate

Jennifer Quick-Cook: CEO Big Brother Big Sisters

Philip Eskew Jr.: Medicine & Sports

Artist/Musician Sam Bartlett And His ‘Ridiculous Career’

Sofia Crespo: A Passion For Flamenco

Portrait Artists Making Art of ‘Interesting’ B-Towners

Books of Note: ‘Shop Tails: The Animals Who Help Make Things Work’: The Last Book of the Late, Wonderful Nancy Hiller

The Art of Photographing People Underwater

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’: A ‘Trivial Comedy for Serious People’

Arts Alliance Center: A Place for the Arts in the Mall

‘Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects’ Open to Public at IU Lilly Library

Nails Gone Wild!

Wild Birds Unlimited Opens Anew in B-town

There’s a New Bagel Shop in Town! Gables Bagels in Colstone Plaza

Couple of Kids Founded Pizza X Forty Years Ago

Nice Guy Bartender Douglas Spradley

Restaurants of Yesterday Exhibit at History Center

Amber Ales Go Well with Autumn in Bloomington (Tapped Into Bloomington)

Visiting California: So Much Wine, So Little Time

Success School: Helping Kids Explore Career Possibilities

5 Pillars of Brain Health To Prevent Alzheimer’s

Stone Age Institute Work Continues At Tanzanian Million-Year-Old Site

Hiking this Fall? Help Protect Eastern White Oaks (Citizen Scientist)

A Tale of Two Afghan Brothers And Their B-town Restaurants

The Milan Miracle (Sports: The Story Behind the Story)

What Will Be the City’s New District Map (Dave Askins at City Hall)

Hoosier Hills Food Bank: Feeding the Needy for 40 Years

Smithville Fiber: Celebrating 100 Years

Affordable Housing in B-town: Where It’s at Right Now

The Revitalization of The Story Inn

Buskirk-Chumley Theater Turns 100

All About Joe Lee

Dining Guide