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Editor’s Message: “How Do I Love Thee, Bloomington?”

Guest Columnist: Support the Local News Fund and Own a Piece of Local History by Jill Bond

Up Front

The Big Picture: “Future Firefighter?”

Kayla Holman: Barber for Special Kids

Jay Baer: Marketing Guru

Ron Remak: Good Citizen

A Most Unusual Exhibit Now On At Pictura Gallery in FAR Center

The Accrete Art Collective: Pop-Up Shows Around Town

Forrest Means: Versatile Trumpeter Releases First Solo CD

Marci Wease: ‘Junk Artist’

The ‘Silver Strings’ Ensemble Dulcimer Players at Bell Trace

How Art Can Soothe A Broken Heart

A Kids’ Book About the Black Cook Who Developed Modern Ice Cream

The Children of Late Artist Harold Zisla Dedicated to Finding Homes for His Art

Review: Yes, I Love to Eat!

In Summer, a Light Wine Hits the Spot (Bloomington & Vine)

Taxman Brewery: Maker of Belgian Style Ales (Tapped Into Bloomington)

For the Love of Bartending: Austin Hanebutt at Dunnkirk Library

Come September—It’s Everything IU!

Fire Department’s New EMT Service Helping the Elderly and Saving Lives

Luddy Students Developing App to Help Young Adults with Autism to Get Around (Autism & Disability Journal)

Embrace Wellness Clinic: Offering Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center Offers Diapers, Adoption, Abortion & More

Jigsawdio: A Memory Puzzle to Help Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

IU’s Women’s Study Program Celebrates 50th Anniversary

There’s a New Worm in Town And It Can Wreck Your Garden (Citizen Scientist)

Check It Out! MCPL Southwest Branch Now Open

Malembe Rise: Training Youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

IU: A Leader in Cybersecurity Research: A More Pressing Need Than Years Ago

UpSkill: Helping Teenagers Get Real-World Experience

Mayor-to-Be Kerry Thomson On the Future of Bloomington’s Downtown

New Jewish Culture Center for IU: First of Its Kind at Public University

The Late Judge Viola J. Taliaferro: In Her Own Words

Dogs and B-towners Made It Through Pandemic Together

City of Bloomington Capital Improvements: A Nonprofit to Support Arts, Tech, Housing

Blooms Are Blossoming All Over

WestGate@Crane Tech Park: High-Paying Jobs Coming in Semiconductor Industry

Where You Can Get That Regrettable Tattoo Removed

Dilapidated Hensonburg School Is New Home of VET Engineering

How Will ChatGPT Impact Your Kids’ Education?

There’s No Place Like Bloomington

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