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Editor’s Message: “What’s Your Favorite Restaurant?”

Bloom’s 17th Annual Holiday Party

The 2023 Bloom Magazine Community Award Winners

The Big Picture: “Pussy Riot”

Kerry Thomson: Mayor of Bloomington

Multi-Talented Family Man: Aaron Biggs

Mildred Hennessy: Herman B Wells’ Secretary

B-town’s Sue Childs: Doll-Maker Extraordinaire

Artist Speck Mellencamp Has First Solo Exhibition

The Pink Poodle: Event Space For Intimate Shows of All Kinds

Tim Clougher: Stained Glass Artist

WTIU-TV to Air Documentary on World Cycling Champ Major Taylor: He Broke the Color Barrier

Marco & Polo Restaurant Serving Uyghur Specialties

New Heartwork Brewery Passes the Taste Test (Tapped Into Bloomington)

The Vault Pub in the IMU Featuring Local Food & Drink

Good Wine Adds Much To Any Restaurant Menu (Bloomington & Vine)

Heather Murphy: Creator of Eclectic BlueBird Couture!

My Sister’s Closet Facing Multiple Challenges

Juniper Art Gallery: A Community Hub

Handrails as Art By Joe LaMantia

New Hope for Families Expands Its Services With Lilly Grant

A New Book About Your Kid And Sex by Debby Herbenick

Bloomington Prepares for a 4-Minute Total Solar Eclipse

Time to Count Birds & Monitor Nests in Spring (Citizen Scientist)

Indiana University Philanthropy: Two Centuries of Support for IU

Sibling Cities B-town & Palo Alto: Connection Across a Continent

Kerry Thomson’s Pledge Of Better Transparency (Dave Askins at City Hall)

Honey: IU Police Department’s Therapy Dog Is Now on the Job

CATS Cable Television Marks 50 Years of Local Broadcasting

Our Big Adventure (Autism & Disability Journal)

30th Soup Bowl Benefit To Support Local Food Bank

White Pine Local: Designer of Business Spaces

Closets, Too! Survival and Success

A Story of Rebirth: How Bloomington Volunteers Restored The West Baden First Baptist (Colored) Church

The Mill: Where creative entrepreneurs are mapping Bloomington’s future in the competitive tech world