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Editor’s Message: “Food for Thought”

The Big Picture: “Testifying Against SB202”

Denzil Ross: New President, IU South Central Region

Shelly Worcel: Food Blogger

Jordan Davis: Man With a Full Plate

Eat With Your Eyes: The Art of Martina Celerin

‘Another Antigone’: A Play About Today

Michael Koryta (aka Scott Carson) Sets New Book in Bloomington

Two New Theater Groups: Making Their Presence Felt

John Eckberg: Koi Origami Artist

Bloomington Early Music Festival: Eleven Free Concerts for All Ages

One World KitchenShare: A Culinary Co-Work Place

Beers That Built Our Local Brewing Scene (Tapped Into Bloomington)

Not Just for Vegetarians! A Guide to Meatless Eating

A Short Wine Journey Through the Decades (Bloomington & Vine)

Where to Find Gourmet Foods In Bloomington

Not Just Rugs: Native American Art Gallery

Goods for Cooks Owners: Bringing Expertise to the Table

Can Bloomington Become a Blue Zone? Where Folks Live to Be 100 or Older

Local Man, 78, Attempts Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb: It Doesn’t Go Well

How a Fire and an Unusual Surgery Forged a Friendship and a New Life

IU Chemistry Prof. Richard DiMarchi Discovered ‘Ozempic’ 3 Decades Ago

BDLC Early-Education Center Celebrates 50 Years of Relationships

Humane Association Provides Care for Pets of People in Crisis

Adria and Mr. T’s Most Accessible Eateries (Autism & Disability Journal)

Learn to Be a Better Cook: 5 Places to Take Classes

Searching for Morels This Spring? Help Scientists With a Survey

B-town’s Community Gardens: Learn, Grow Food, and Bond

Beware: Askins Has a Sense of Humor -the editor (Dave Askins at City Hall)

Food Pantries Serving More and More Patrons Each Year

Bloomington Community Orchard: A Place to Harvest Fruit, Nuts, Herbs, and More

Matheu Architects in Transition: Winner of the ‘Oscar’ of Architecture

Bone Dry of Indianapolis Merges With Whole Sun Designs & RCV Roofing

One World Catering: The Focus Is on Fresh

Food, Glorious Food! Results of Bloom’s First-Ever Favorite Restaurant Survey

Those Were the Days…