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Editor’s Message: “Time”

Guest Column: “Antisemitism at Our Doorstep” by Alvin Rosenfeld

The Big Picture: Face Off

Up Front

Curt Cignetti: IU Head Football Coach

Ana Ximena Cordero: Lawyer & Actor

Bruce Smail: Director, IU’s LGBTQ+ Culture Center

Aaron Brown: Master Barber

The Documentary ‘Monument to Love’: How Bulgarian Jews Escaped the Holocaust

Constellation Stage & Screen Has ‘Something for Everyone’ in New Season

Silas Cheo: A Modern Take on Surrealism

Cody Ikerd & the Sidewinders: A Bedford Boy Playing Country

Bloomington Fine Art Supply: A New Shop for All Artists

‘Hoosier Spirits: Distilling in Indiana’: A New WTIU-TV Documentary

Berliner Weisse: A Refreshing Tart Wheat Ale for Summer (Tapped Into Bloomington)

Monopole: A Small Space For People Who Love Wine

Why Not Drink ‘All of Me’: Wines to ‘Build a Dream On’ (Bloomington and Vine)

The Iconic Garret Antiques: Everything Is Up for Sale

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes

The Venue: Featuring Art of All Kinds

The 33rd Annual Garden Walk: This Year 100% DIY

Graham’s Foundation: A Resource for Preemie Parents

Rena Cohen: Teenage Crossword Puzzle Whiz

Expectations Matter (Autism & Disability Journal)

Global Learners: Local Teens Teaching K-8 Kids Current Events

Stick It to Mosquitoes This Summer (Citizen Scientist)

YMCA Offering Support Sessions For Kids Being Schooled at Home

Introducing Jennifer McCormick: Democratic Party Candidate for Governor

I Was There on Election Day And Everything Was Okay! (Dave Askins at City Hall)

Plans for New Airport Terminal: For a Better First Impression

Community Kitchen Express Will Soon Have a New Home

CarminParker Law: Now Part of Paganelli Law Group

What Exactly Does a Title Company Do? John Bethell’s Been Doing It for 50 Years

JL Waters Outdoor Store Celebrates 50 Years Here

The 18th Annual Homes Collection: Passionate People, Passionate Places

Those Were the Days…

Rena Cohen’s Crossword Puzzle – Solutions