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14 Sunday / August 14, 2016

Dialogues: Contemporary Responses to Marie Webster Quilts

Waller Community Gallery, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Six contemporary quilt artists from Bloomington and Martinsville are among twenty six Midwestern artists who will be exhibiting their quilts at the Bret Waller Gallery in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The exhibition is sponsored by the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Indiana. It was juried by Niloo Paydar, Curator of Textiles and Fashion Arts at the IMA. It is organized in conjunction with the IMA’s current exhibition of “A Joy Forever: Marie Webster Quilts.” For the museum’s hours, go to www.imamuseum.org


14 Sunday / August 14, 2016

New in the Galleries at the Eskenazi Museum of Art

Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University

Gallery Hours
Tues-Sat 10:00-5:00 p.m.
Sun 12:00-5:00 p.m.
(Closed Mondays and major holidays)

Old Hollywood Glam
This installation features “head shots” of some leading ladies from Hollywood’s Golden Age (1920s–40s), including Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Gloria Swanson, and Anna May Wong, by photographers Philippe Halsman, George Hurrell, Angus McBean, and Edward Steichen. By using the lens of professional portrait photographers, we can examine how stars, publicists, and movie moguls constructed an artificial image of beauty and promoted it as the glamorous, sexy standard for American women.

After Yale: Pupils of Josef Albers
A renowned instructor at the German Bauhaus, Josef Albers (1888‒1976) immigrated to the United States in 1933 and was chair of the Department of Design at Yale University during the 1950s. This installation reveals the breadth of his teachings, which emphasized experience and material studies over theory. It features paintings by Albers and his students William Bailey, Ronald Markman, and Richard Anuszkiewicz. Andrew Wang, graduate assistant for European and American art at the IU Art Museum, is the guest curator.

Allegories of Artistic Genius
The seventeenth century saw the rise of a new theme: the genius of the artist. This installation features two works by the Italian printmakers Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione and Salvator Rosa that heralded their creators’ accomplishments, not through straight portraiture, but through classical allusions.

Camille Pissarro: Father of Impressionism
Nicknamed “Father Pissarro” by Gauguin, Camille Pissarro was an inspiration and mentor to a generation of Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist artists. He was also the movement’s most prolific printmaker. This installation of four works illustrates how Pissarro successfully captured atmosphere, movement, and the fleeting quality of light with a monochromatic palette.

Käthe Kollwitz: An Advocate for Women and Children
German Expressionist artist Käthe Kollwitz often depicted the physical and emotional tolls of war and poverty. This installation features two of her self-portraits, an image of death pulling a child from its mother’s arms, and a rare proof for a 1923 poster dealing with women’s reproductive rights.

Men in Turbans: Head Studies by Castiglione
Although the Italian artist Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione had seen traders from Africa and the eastern Mediterranean around the port of Genoa, his studies of men in “Oriental” headdresses was likely based in the northern tradition of “character heads” and a Baroque fascination with exotic types. This installation features eight small head studies and one large head study from Castiglione’s popular series.

Modern Sculptors in Indiana
Several modern sculptors of national and international prominence were born in Indiana, worked in the state, or came here to study. This installation features the work of artists Robert Laurent, David Smith, George Rickey, David Hayes, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, and (from October onwards) William Wiley, all of whom have Indiana connections. This installation is presented in conjunction with the Indiana State Bicentennial and has been endorsed as an official Bicentennial Legacy Project.

Pietà: A Mother’s Love
In celebration of Mother’s Day, this installation features three prints–by Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius, Italian Annibale Carracci, and Frenchman Jacques Bellange–representing the ultimate expression of a mother’s love and sacrifice through the theme of the Pietà. A variation on the Lamentation from the Passion of Christ, the Pietà depicts an intimate, poignant moment as the Virgin Mary cradles the body of her dead son Jesus.

Rembrandt’s Ecce Homo Prints
One of the pivotal moments in the Easter story comes with the presentation of Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilate and the people, also known as Ecce homo (“Behold the man”). This installation features two large prints of this subject by Rembrandt. Completed twenty years apart, they reflect a change in the artist’s style, as well as a different interpretation of the New Testament episode.

Remembrance: Cemeteries in Modern Photography
The funerary practices of America, particularly in the South, are explored in this installation of five photographs of cemeteries, from New Orleans to El Paso, by artists as varied as Walker Evans, Edward Weston, John Gutmann, and Clarence John Laughlin.


14 Sunday / August 14, 2016

Bloomington Boogies: The Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Festival

01:00 pm to 05:00 pm on Aug 15
Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, and Malibu Grill on the Square

The second annual Bloomington Boogies Piano Festival is Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016, with additional educational elements Monday, Aug. 15, offering residents and visitors multiple opportunities to listen and dance to acclaimed blues and boogie woogie pianists. Activities include two ticketed concerts at the Ivy Tech Waldron Whikehart Auditorium, free live music outside the Ivy Tech Waldron throughout the day, refreshments from DATS on Grant, Function Brewing, La Poblano Taco Truck, and Falafel’s Middle Eastern Grill, a free piano workshop, and additional informal performances Sunday evening at two Bloomington Boogies After Hours venue: Malibu Grill on the Square.

Artists include Bob Seeley, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Mark Braun aka Mr. B, Bill Sims, Jr., Cynthia Girtley, Ricky Nye, Craig Brenner, Alfred “Uganda” Roberts, Liz Pennock and Dr. Blues, a rhythm section with Gordon Bonham (guitar), Joe Donnelly (sax), Dan Hostetler (drums) and Ron Kadish (bass), and swing dancers Jamis Wadsworth-Carr and Calla Holmes-Robbins, instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Tickets to the Waldron concerts are available at the BCT Box Office, or at http://bloomingtonboogies.com/tickets

Major Sponsors include VisitBloomington, Ivy Tech Community College, Carmin Parker P.C., Maple Grove Farms, LP, Bloomington Arts Commission, and Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association. Bloomington Boogies received a 2016 Visit Bloomington Tourism Grant, a 2016 Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association Zone Arts Grant, and the festival is supported in part by the City of Bloomington Arts Commission’s Arts Project Grant Program. Festival Underwriters include Bloom Magazine, GRAZIE! Italiano, Tim and Cheri DeBruicker, Becky Hrisomalos, Robert Kissel’s Foundation, IU Credit Union, MPI Solar, Mother Bear’s Pizza, Stumpner’s Building Services, Inc., The Ryder, Trojan Horse Restaurant & Tavern, The Uptown Café, and Charlotte Zietlow. Additional supporters are listed at http://bloomingtonboogies.com/sponsors .

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