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5 Sunday / January 5, 2014

Mirror Mysteries: Science of Reflection

308 W. Fourth Street Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Is it magic or is it science? Have great fun exploring the surprising tricks mirrors can play on your brain! This special hands-on exhibition for people of all ages is on display at WonderLab (Tuesday – Sunday) through April 13.

Children / Education / Exhibits

5 Sunday / January 5, 2014

Exhibits at the IU Art Museum

12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
IU Art Museum, 1133 E. 7th Street

New in the Galleries: “Photographing Rosie the Riveter”
Runs October 1-January 26
The conscription of men into military service during WW II led to a demand for female workers in the factories supplying munitions and war supplies. Government photography projects, such as the Farm Security Administration (FSA), revamped their operations to support the efforts of the Office of War Information (OWI). This installation features propagandistic images of female assembly-line workers by Andreas Feininger, Alfred T. Palmer, and Howard Liberman. Organized by Maura Campbell-Balkits, a museum intern in the Department of Communications and Culture.


5 Sunday / January 5, 2014

First Sunday Prose Reading and Open Mic

03:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street

January 2014
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First Sunday Prose Reading & Open Mic

Sunday, January 5, 2014
3:00 to 5:00
Boxcar Books 408 E. 6th Street

With Guest Readers: Darja Malcolm-Clarke, Mary Pat Lynch, Dianne May

Darja Malcolm-Clarke writes speculative fiction and poetry and has had her work appear in such award-winning publications as Strange Horizons and Clarkesworld Magazine, and elsewhere.
She holds master’s degrees in Folklore and in English and is a PhD Candidate in English. She is an editor at IU Press; and is working on her novel-in-progress.
Mary Pat Lynch writes essays, articles, poems and short fiction, and is venturing into longer works. Her work has appeared in Parabola, various annuals for Llewellyn, SageWoman, PanGaia,
and Mytholog online. An astrologer and shamanic practitioner, her astrology blog can be found at risingmoonastrology.com. Her main site, with links to her writing, is threecauldrons.com.
Dianne May is a local writer from Bloomington who has published poetry and nonfiction. She will be enlightening the audience with one of her nonfiction readings.

Come early to sign up for Open Mic!

To be a guest reader contact: [email protected]


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