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29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Lotus World Music & Arts Festival

Various locations

Each year, Lotus brings performing artists from around the world to intimate stages in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. Lotus has something for everyone, from acoustic music presented in quiet indoor venues, to dance-party rave-ups and standing-room-only street tents. One ticket gets you into a full night of multiple performances: your wristband is your passport, from one cultural adventure to another. For a full schedule of events, go the Lotus website: http://lotusfest.org/festival-main/festival-events

Festivals / Live Music

29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Lotus World Music & Arts Festival

09:00 am to 11:00 pm
venues around downtown Bloomington

September 25-29, 2013

The Festival is proudly based in downtown Bloomington and named in part for Indiana musician Lotus Dickey (1911-1989). Every fall, the world brings its music to Bloomington, with dancing in the streets and in downtown venues. This year, Lotus hits the big 20! We’re planning a great party to celebrate the end of our second decade – booking artists, planning visual splendor, mapping out a Lotus parade for Saturday night, rounding up volunteers, and bringing on sponsors.

A wristband is your passport to multiple performances each showcase night, at multiple venues. Stages range from the Buskirk-Chumley Theater to standing-room-only street tents, to churches where traditional music shines. Lotus offers both ticketed showcases and free events for all ages. Saturday’s Lotus in the Park is packed with live performances, hands-on art projects, and interactive workshops with Festival artists.

For a Festival First Look, visit http://lotusfest.org/lotus-at-20-festival-first-look
For ticket information, visit http://lotusfest.org/festival-admission

Children / Dance / Eat and Drink / Entertainment / Exhibits / Festivals / Live Music / Outdoors

29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

United Way ‘This is How I Live United’ Community Gallery

09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Showers Atrium, City Hall, 401 N. Morton St.

“This is How I Live United” gallery showcases photographs taken by residents throughout the area, the capturing how they Live United by giving, advocating, and volunteering to create a better tomorrow for our community.


29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Stillwater ‘Last Chance’ Pre-Wetlands Hike

10:00 am to 11:30 am
Northfork Check Station at Stillwater Wildlife Resting Area, off of SR 46 btw Bloomington and Nashville

Did you know that Monroe Lake manages a beautiful wildlife resting area in the north portion of the lake? Stillwater is a great place to catch glimpses of a variety of animals. One of Monroe Lake’s naturalists will lead a hike through the area on Sunday, September 29 at 10 am.

Stillwater closes to hikers from October 1 thru April 15; during that time period, a seasonal wetland is created to provide a refuge for migrating birds. October 1 is fast-approaching, so this is one of your last opportunities to hike through this area until next summer.

The hike is free but registration for this 90-minute hike is required to the Paynetown Activity Center by 5 pm on September 28, 812-837-9967.

Stillwater is located off of SR 46, between Bloomington and Nashville. Please ask for directions to the hike meeting location when you register.

Animals / Education / Outdoors

29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Stillwater Last Chance Pre-Wetlands Hike

10:00 am
Stillwater-Northfork Wildlife Area

Did you know that Monroe Lake manages a beautiful Wildlife Resting Area in the north portion of the lake? Stillwater-Northfork is a great location to catch glimpses of a variety of animals! This area closes to hikers from October 1 through April 15; during that time period, a seasonal wetland is created to provide a refuge for migrating birds. October 1 is fast-approaching, so this is one of your last opportunities to hike through this area until next summer.

Grab your binoculars, lace up your boots, and join the naturalist for a chance to spot Lesser Yellowlegs, Bonaparte’s Gull, teals, grebes, wood ducks, bald eagles, and even beavers! 90 minutes (Please note: There are no bathroom facilities available at the Check Station.) Directions to the Northfork Check Station from Paynetown SRA (~20 minute drive) Take SR 446 north until it ends at the intersection with SR 46. Take SR 46 east (towards Nashville). Go 4.5 miles and then turn right (south) onto Kent Road. Go past the first gravel parking area and then turn right into the second gravel parking area – there will be a wooden shack (the Northfork Check Station) in the lot.

Registration required by 5 pm on September 28 to the Paynetown Activity Center! To register, you must call 812-837-9967 or stop by the Paynetown Activity Center

Animals / Education / Outdoors

29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Psychedelic Art Show at the Farmer House Museum

10:00 am
Farmer House Museum (529 N. College Ave.)

For our autumn feature the Farmer House Museum steps back in time and presents “Psychedelic Art.” In our Workroom Gallery we will exhibit striking examples of the work of major San Francisco rock and roll poster artists of the late 1960’s. The posters will be displayed with information about the artists, promoters and the bands they advertised. We will also take a look back at the student culture of the time. In a back room, we have created a special feature: a dark room with blacklight posters of the era. In the dining room we continue the psychedelic theme with a table setting designed by Peter Max.

Show runs until November. Museum closed Monday. See website for all hours and further details.


29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Visit Musgrave Orchards

10:30 am
Musgrave Orchard (8820 N. Old State Rd. 37)

Visit Musgrave Orchards for a taste of the fall season. Freshly pressed apple cider, apples for eating and baking, caramel apples, pumpkins, honey, vegetables, crafts and all kinds of treats! Open Wednesday through Saturday, until November 3.

Children / Eat and Drink / Entertainment / Outdoors

29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Exhibit: ‘Line, Angle, Fold’ by Patricia Coleman at El Norteno Gallery

11:00 am
El Norteno Gallery (206 N. Walnut St)

“Line, Angle, Fold” : an exhibition by Patricia C. Coleman of works on paper and botanically dyed fabric.

Periodically Patricia revisits techniques and practices of her early works which were primarily abstract and defined by her, as hard edge. Through years of instructing children in arts classes, including summer arts camp programming at the John Waldron Arts Center, she introduced youth to basic paper folding and pop-ups techniques. Through the years her love of paper from pulp to surface for various treatments has continued to hold fascination for her. This work is representative of her current interest of pushing her own boundaries by incorporating complex folds and cutting to paintings on paper and botanically dyed fabrics. Botanically dyed fabrics are ecologically sustainable plant-dye methods that make use of renewable plant materials with the least harm to dyer and the environment.

Exhibit is open during El Norteno restaurant hours. See website for all hours. Exhibit runs until October 3.


29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

IU Field Hockey vs. Penn State

12:00 pm
IU Field Hockey Complex (Next to Bill Armstrong Stadium on 17th St.)

The IU field hockey team plays at the IU Field Hockey Complex. All field hockey events are free and open to the public.


29 Sunday / September 29, 2013

Peggy Brown & Chris Griffin-Woods Exhibit at the Brown County Art Guild

12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
The Brown County Art Guild, 48 S. Van Buren St, Nashville, IN

Featured Exhibits on display in the Upper Loft Gallery, September 1 – 30:
Oil, Watercolor, Pastel & Mixed Media Paintings by Peggy Brown and Chris Griffin-Woods
Artists’ Reception:
Saturday, September 14, During the Guild’s Annual Fund-Raiser, Guild 13 (tickets required; may be purchased on-line at www.browncountyartguild.org)

Peggy Brown has exhibited her work for nearly 45 years. During that time, her artwork has won over 350 awards in both painting on paper and in art quilting (painting on fabric). Her artwork can be found in private, public and corporate collections, and has been featured in 13 books on watercolor and in numerous articles in art magazines.
Peggy is an elected signature member of The American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA Honor Society, and others. She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Indiana, Hoosier Salon, Indiana Artists and the Small Painting Society of Indiana.

Gallery affiliations include Editions Limited (Indianapolis, IN), Polonaise Art Gallery (Woodstock, Vermont); Mallon Gallery of Fine Art (Geneva, IL); The Design Gallery (Burnsville, NC), and she has been an artist member of the Brown County Art Guild since 1988.
Artist’s Statement: “I paint for myself, for the challenge and joy of it; but knowing visual art must be seen to be heard, my greatest satisfaction comes when you concur with my feelings. Then you too become a part of my marks on paper – and I always leave room for you. My medium is watercolor. I like to emphasize the “water” part of the word and paint very wet which will allow the paint to assert its own special personality. I let the medium tell me how to bring each start to a conclusion I find pleasing.
I always work with transparent watercolor. However at time I incorporate graphite, water-soluble color pencils, and pastels. Most of my paintings are presented upon layers of paper. Recently I have begun translating my paintings into art quilts. Just as I create a collage of papers in my more abstract works, I design and create a collage of fabrics and papers. The fabrics are hand painted, hand stitched and the finished piece can be framed or left to hang free upon a wall.
The painting process is pretty much the same for paintings on paper or paintings on fabric. First I wet the ground (paper or fabric) and start laying down color. Keeping the paper or fabric flat upon a board I let the pigments and media mingle and follow their personal paths as they dry. This process is repeated several times. After all is dry I look into each beginning and let the marks on paper or the fabric inspire me. This is when I get to assert myself and bring the image to completion by combining several pieces of paper or fabric and by drawing over the watercolor if working on paper, or by stitching if by working in fiber.
I try to express images that are on, above and below the surface of the painting. I hope I invite the viewer to follow as I work and see the painting process from tentative beginnings to the final touch. Some of the beginnings become non-objective abstracts. Some become landscapes or still life. All are collaborations between watercolor, the medium; and myself, the artist.
I think we both enjoy ourselves.”

Chris Griffin-Woods worked in commercial art and design after graduating from Western Michigan University’s fine art program. She taught secondary art and did freelance illustration.
Returning to the fine arts, Chris studied with master painters: C. W. Mundy, David Leffel, Greg Kruetz, George Strickland, Joe Paquet, Skip Whitcomb, Ken Auster, Kim English, Carolyn Anderson and Ken Backhaus.
Chris has had a solo show in NYC at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in the International Arts District in Manhattan, and many other solo shows in the Indiana-Ohio-Kentucky area. Her artwork has been shown in numerous national and international juried exhibitions, including Manhattan Arts International NYC, Salmagundi Club NYC, Annual International Juried Competition PA, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club NYC, Hudson Valley Art Association NY, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Annual Exhibition, Scottsdale Best and Brightest AZ, Cheyenne Art Club National Juried Exhibition WY, Gateway National NM, Viewpoints National Juried Competition OH, and Oil Painters of America Regional and National Juried Exhibitions, among others, winning national and international awards.
Chris’ work has hung in the Indianapolis Art Museum and the Cincinnati Art Museum and is in public and private collections. She has been an artist member of the Brown County Art Guild since 2011.
Artist’s Statement: “The poetry of paint draws me past mere technical representation towards the mystery of shadow, the beauty of light, the rhythm of movement and the tranquility of a moment caught in time. I paint subject material that has memory and meaning for me. I prefer understatement to shouting and the enduring to the trendy, creating artwork which will be enjoyed now and for generations to come.”


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