21 Sunday / July 21, 2013

Chaos Fest 2013

12:01 pm to 11:59 pm

On the weekend of July 19-21 in Bloomington, Indiana Chaos Fest will take place.  This is not an organized, centrally-planned festival but rather a collection of random events located throughout the city.  Individual events will be autonomous and event promoters will be responsible for all aspects of their event (content, pricing. etc.)

By its very nature, Chaos Fest will lack the structure and order of a traditional festival. The types of events, the venues occupied and the people involved will no doubt span a wide range. As the “un-organizers” of the festival explained in a Facebook post: “Anyone and EVERYONE in Bloomington will be booking shows, teaching workshops, having ‘zine readings, movie screenings, puppet shows, sleep overs, camp outs, game nights… etc.”

List of some of the Sunday events:

Dakota Floyd (of The Wild) (GA), Hay Fever (GvSC), Ava Marie (GvSC),Eric Ayotte (PIX BAND) /// @ Club Cool (inside Rhino’s) / Brunch at 12PM / Music at 2PM / $5 for food/music
**FB event: facebook.com/events/174642109373326

NOISE MATINEE!!! Lots of Bloomington acts!! @ The Ream / 3PM
**FB event: facebook.com/events/546936155366650

Found Drowned, Media Blitz, Corornerhouse @ Bloomington Skate Park (Upper Cascades) / 6PM
**FB event: facebook.com/events/1388905067994012/

Ramshackle Glory (PIX BAND), The Taxpayers (PIX BAND), Ghost Mice(PIX BAND), The Wild (ATL), Garrett Ann Walters (PIX BAND) /// @ Rachael’s Cafe
**FB event, facebook.com/events/356822734429195

More events listed here: http://bloomingtonchaos2013.weebly.com/blog.html

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