19 Tuesday / March 19, 2013

Creativity Workshop for Professionals: Expand Thinking, Improve Performance

09:00 am to 11:00 am
Ivy Tech at Liberty Crossing, Room M114, 2088 S. Liberty Drive

Do you wonder why workplace conflicts arise and how to avoid them? Do you wonder why projects don’t move forward and new ideas get stifled?

Explore the causes of workplace conflict, methods of effectively managing it and the tools to utilize a common team-building language. Using the Foursight Thinking Skills Profile™ with accompanying workbook, you will identify your strengths and blind spots, and practice techniques to leverage them to reach your full creative potential. You will find new ways of working with individuals with different preferences resulting in a more collaborative work environment.

Location: Ivy Tech Liberty Crossing, Room M114

Meeting Times (Choose ONE that works for you!)
Tuesday, March 19, 9-11 am
Wednesday, March 20, 3-5 pm
Thursday, March 21, 6-8 pm

“Expand Thinking, Improve Creativity” is part of the Creativity Workshop for Professionals series offered at Ivy Tech Corporate College and is taught by instructor Ladi Terry. Registration is required to attend.

Registration Fee: $44 (20% non-profit discount available)
Registration Link: http://www.ivytech.edu/bloomington/corporate-college/courses/
Course #: 30195-123

More Information: www.successworkonline.com

Cost: $64

For more information contact:

Katrina Jones
[email protected]

Business / Education

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