23 Saturday / March 23, 2013

Introduction to Ch’i Gung: Working with the Breath

01:30 pm to 03:30 pm
Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center, 3655 Snoddy Rd.

This free workshop is offered by Gareth DuVall, professional martial arts teacher, actor, stunt worker and choreographer, as well as the developer of the Su Ka Ming system of Kung Fu Training.

When practicing Chi Gung, intention is employed. Using visualization and imagery, one guides the Chi through the meridians using the power of the mind—the mind’s intent. The mind wills action and the Chi/body follows. The practice of intention makes Chi Gung more than just another “breathing exercise” or aerobics. In the practice of Chi Gung, one seeks to unify the “Three Jewels” Shen (spirit), Jen (Strength), and Jing (Vital Energy), or the heaven, man, and earth.

All ages are welcome!

Cost: There is no charge for this workshop, but all offerings will be donated to TMBCC

For more information contact:

Gareth DuVall
[email protected]

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