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2 Tuesday / April 2, 2013

Transform Polarization into Collaboration: Solving Problems Creatively

09:00 am to 11:00 am
Ivy Tech at Liberty Crossing, Room M114, 2088 S. Liberty Drive

How can you define your vision, and strategize success? How do you generate the best ideas that take you there? What happens when you are suddenly at an impasse? How do you put ideas into action?

Don’t be at risk when problems or opportunities come your way. Learn how to identify and creatively solve personal, professional and organizational challenges using the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Thinking Skills Model™ and tools that help you generate options and evaluate solutions.

Creativity Workshop for Professionals is led by creative action coach and author Ladi Terry in collaboration with the Ivy Tech Bloomington Corporate College

Cost: $44 (20% discount for non-profit organizations)

For more information contact:

Katrina Jones
[email protected]

Business / Education

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