Issue: December 2019/January 2020

Eskenazi Museum Acquires The Jeffrey Wolin Collection

Photographer Jeffrey Wolin has spent a lifetime capturing the tragedy, grit, and beauty of the human experience, and his photographs are displayed in museums and galleries worldwide. Now, the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University has acquired Wolin’s archives—and they contain more than just his previously exhibited and published works.

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Don Griffin Jr.: Realtor and Civic Activist

Fifteen years ago, Don Griffin Jr. had a thriving real estate brokerage but was disillusioned with the business. He stopped advertising, closed his office, and planned to become a chaplain. Then he made a resolution that would change everything. “I decided I would just work with people I like, and it’s not going to be about money but about helping people get to the next chapter in their lives,” Griffin says. “And it was funny. People started coming to me more.”

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Cardinal Stage Presents ‘The Roommate’: A Comedy About Two Women Over 50

Film and theater roles for women over 50 have traditionally stayed in a narrow lane—one filled with maternal or spinster archetypes. The Roommate, penned by playwright Jen Silverman, is a dark comedy that aims to break that mold. “Older women are often depicted in a way that belies the truth,” says Indianapolis-based actor Constance Macy. “They aren’t the 50-something women I know.”

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Local Girls Get Moving With Girls on the Run

Chelsea Blanchard says she was lucky to have talented cross country and track coaches when she was a runner—from the time she was in middle school through her time at Indiana University. Now, the Clear Creek Elementary School art teacher is a coach with Girls on the Run (GOTR), training a new generation of runners while also helping them build confidence and make smart life choices.

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