Issue: October/November 2017

New Books from IU Press

The six scholars who wrote The Kinsey Institute: The First Seventy Years knew they were running risks. Their subject had already been extensively covered, not only in academic studies but in films like the 2004 biopic Kinsey. And they feared that their affiliations with the Institute would lead their book to be dismissed as a mere “in-house infomercial.”

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Jessica Strunk Ivy Tech Vice Chancellor

When Jessica Strunk came to Ivy Tech Community College–Bloomington in 2004, the career path she imagined for herself was confined. “I had my life all figured out,” she says. “I wanted to get an associate degree in office administration, and then I planned to be a secretary forever.”

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Fred Parker Jazz Promoter

When the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network gave its 2017 Be More Creative Award to Fred Parker for his decade-long work promoting jazz in Bloomington, they intended to spring it on him as a surprise. They almost succeeded.

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