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At Cutters Soccer Club, Everybody Gets to Play

On Saturday mornings, Karst Farm Park is home to Cutters Soccer Club, a Bloomington organization dedicated to youth soccer. Looking around, what most people see are kids running up and down soccer fields. What Cutters Executive Director Michael Nosofsky would like them to see, however, is not a youth soccer program so much as a youth development program that uses soccer as its vehicle. 

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Back Handspring Anyone? Stage Flight Circus Arts Is a Place to Learn from Pros

Clint and Hannah Bobzein, the owners of Stage Flight, are professional circus artists. After years of international touring, they settled in Bloomington in 2014. The next year they opened Stage Flight in a barn on Lake Monroe. They started by offering open-gym sessions, later adding classes in the circus arts. They soon had 30 students. In January 2017 they relocated to a west-side warehouse where they now teach more than 80 students of all ages and experience levels. 

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Fred Astaire Studio Offers Dance Lessons and Chance for Romance

When Dmitriy Volodko boarded a plane to the United States from Ukraine six years ago, it was the first time he had seen the inside of an airport, let alone a plane. When he arrived in New York City, it was a struggle to locate his luggage. “I had zero language skills,” he says. It was his skill as a competitive ballroom dancer, a career he began at age 8, that made the journey possible.

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Sunday Hoops at the Y: A 20-Year-Old Tradition

Many of the faces have changed over the past two decades, but not the bond that brings them together—basketball. Every Sunday at 8 a.m., approximately 20 men, young and old, gather at the Southeast YMCA to shoot hoops for a couple of hours. Their reasons for playing are as diverse as their backgrounds.

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Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer & Artists’ Model

Personal trainer Brian Bourkland is a serious bodybuilder. His clients generally aren’t, but that’s fine with him. “I’m mostly interested in working with people in my generation—40s, 50s, 60s,” Bourkland says. “Everyone should be building strength and bone density to feel better long into their retirement years.”

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Using Group Music Therapy to Improve Mental Health

In Gloria Stearns-Bruner’s softly lit, cozy music therapy room, young clients come in, pick out a lap dulcimer or rain stick or any of the other hand-held string and percussion instruments. They stand, sinking their feet into the plush rug, or sit down to relax—and make music. 

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Jill’s House Has New Purpose as Home for Memory Care Patients

When Jan Gerkensmeyer needed more care due to memory loss, she and her husband, Dave, faced a tough decision. They knew they couldn’t continue living in their lake cabin in Minnesota. Their daughter lives in Bloomington, so they came here, where they found Jill’s House, an assisted living facility focusing on memory care.

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