Editor’s Message: The Moment of Truth

The most important election of our lifetimes will soon be taking place. Many of you have probably already voted by mail or plan to vote early in person in the coming days. Then, on November 3, America officially goes to the polls.

With tens of millions of mail-in votes expected, the final result 

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Guest Column: Young People Have a Moral Imperative to Vote


I’ve always been baffled when asked “Why did you decide to get politically involved?” because I never felt I had a choice. Each of us is impacted by politics, from paying rent to working to riding the bus to attending college.

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VOTE: 23 Experts Tell What’s At State for Bloomington & The Country

In this preelection issue, we are looking at 23 areas of great concern which will be impacted positively or negatively depending on which candidates prevail. Here, you will find essays on each of these important areas, everything from health care to guns to climate change. Each essay is written by an expert on the subject or by someone who has a significant history working in the field.

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The Illustrations of Mike Cagle

Artist Mike Cagle is an attorney working for Alaska Legal Services Corporation in Kotzebue, Alaska, but prior to moving 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Cagle worked for 40 years as an illustrator and graphic designer in Bloomington. He has been a contributor to Bloom Magazine since 2007.

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