Kendall Reeves. Photo by James Haverstock

Kendall Reeves says he learned early in life that in order to find his purpose, he needed only to look through the viewfinder. “From eighth grade on, I knew I would have a career as a commercial photographer,” he says.

Reeves, who with his wife, Stephanie, owns Spectrum Creative Group in Fountain Square Mall, says he’s learned a lot since then. “I pretty much know what the image will look like before I release the shutter,” he says. “My hands are on every step of my work. I process, print, mount, and frame everything I do to control quality.”

Reeves specializes in commercial and architectural photography, along with “things that have seen better days,” such as ghost towns, abandoned buildings, and old automobiles, tools, and toys. He is one of just two photographers licensed by Indiana University to sell IU-related images and has a postcard series with 50 different cards of Bloomington and IU.

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