Michael Koryta: The Boy Who Loved Books Is Now A Bestselling Author (COVER STORY)

Growing up, Michael Koryta had a soulful relationship with loaded bookshelves. Enthralled by suspenseful stories in the books that surrounded him at home, there was one place in town he could count on to find new realms of adventure. “The best day in the world was a trip to the Monroe County Public Library,” he says. “I’m not exaggerating that it was truly that exciting.”

At 38, Koryta is now one of those authors who—if you happen to be someone who just discovered his work—has a considerable store of material to mine. He has published 16 novels, including New York Times bestselling mystery, suspense, and supernatural thrillers that have been translated into more than 20 languages. Read more.

The Photographers of Bloom Magazine

When Bloom was founded 15 years ago, we pledged that not only would the writing be first rate, but that the design and photography would be also.

To accommodate the design, Bloom’s pages are wider than most magazines, allowing our graphic designers more space to work their magic and more room to display pictures. And to present the photography in the best light, Bloom is printed on high-quality, glossy paper. Read more.

Editor’s Message: Survival

This is the 89th edition of Bloom Magazine and the thinnest issue ever—even smaller than the first issue published in August 2006. But we are still here, and we hope to be for years to come.

For Bloom, for other local small businesses, and for people generally, the past year has been about survival. And if you happen to be over 70 with a preexisting condition, it has really been about survival. Read more.