People take advantage of a warm summer evening on East Kirkwood near the Sample Gates. Photo by Martin Boling

When Bloom was founded 15 years ago, we pledged that not only would the writing be first rate, but that the design and photography would be also.

To accommodate the design, Bloom’s pages are wider than most magazines, allowing our graphic designers more space to work their magic and more room to display pictures. And to present the photography in the best light, Bloom is printed on high-quality, glossy paper.

Thousands of pictures of every sort have been shot for the magazine over the years. Our photographers are versatile, but they all have preferences for the kinds of work they love to do. Their interests include portraits, fashion, nature, sports, landscapes, architecture, travel, and more.

Here, you will meet nine Bloom photographers and see some of their personal favorite images. We hope you will enjoy them.

—the editor

Kendall Reeves

Kendall Reeves says he learned early in life that in order to find his purpose, he needed only to look through the viewfinder. “From eighth grade on, I knew I would have a career as a commercial photographer,” he says. Read more.

Martin Boling

The photography seed was planted in Martin Boling at a young age. His father, he says, “always carried a camera growing up and on his travels in the Navy.” He passed that love on to Martin. Read more.

Rodney Margison

Like many photographers, Rodney Margison was bitten by the photography bug at a young age. His father was a semi-professional photographer, which led Margison to launch his photography career while still in high school, working as a freelancer for his hometown daily newspaper. Read more.

Jenn Hamm

Born and raised in Bloomington, Jenn Hamm has been a photographer since age 17. Over the years, she has participated in workshops to hone her craft and studied under some of Bloomington’s top photographers, as well as through the New York Institute of Photography. Read more.

Jim Krause

Jim Krause describes himself as “an accomplished adventurer, photographer, documentarian, teacher, writer, producer, musician, and composer.” Having spent years exploring the corners of the world by foot, pedal, paddle, and sail, he says his work “is awash with coastlines, cloudscapes, canyons, and mountains.” Read more.

Mike Waddell

Mike Waddell has always enjoyed taking photos, but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that he began to take it seriously. “I got started with nature photography and also developed a real obsession with seeking out abandoned homes and buildings to photograph,” he says. Read more.

Haley Brown

Haley Brown has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and enjoys photographing landscapes, interior and exterior commercial buildings, portraits, and more. Read more.

James Kellar

James Kellar’s photography interest began as a young teen when his father taught him to develop film and print pictures in a converted bathroom. Read more.

Nicole McPheeters

Nicole McPheeters is a graduate of Indiana University, where she received her B.A. in journalism with an emphasis on gender and photojournalism. Read more.