A Conversation With Dr. Pamela Whitten: Getting to Know IU’s 19th President

She is Indiana University’s first woman president in 201 years, but that’s not all that makes Dr. Pamela Whitten different.

When asked how she would like to be addressed, she simply replied, “Call me Pam.”

As the Bloom editorial staff drove to meet President Whitten at Bryan Hall, we saw her walking alone along East 4th Street, noticeable in her bright red blazer. She had a takeout cup from Soma in hand, which she later told us contained a chai tea latte. Read more.

Bloomington’s Latino Community: Proud, Compassionate, Hard-Working

As one person interviewed for this story explained, “If you’ve met one Latino … you’ve met one Latino.” That’s because to say someone is Hispanic or Latino tells little except that their family originates from a Spanish-speaking country. “Latino” is an umbrella term, a convenient way of categorizing people with roots in Central or South America, Mexico, or Caribbean countries. However, that’s where generalizations end. Read more.

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