23 Friday / April 23, 2021

Baby Brilliance – Virtual

10:30 am to 11:30 am
Virtual Event (Zoom)

Topic: Tummy Time and Physical Development
Location: Zoom On-line
Cost: Free
Join Museum Educators on-line for April’s Baby Brilliance. This month we will be discussing tummy time and physical development. What are the benefits of tummy time? How can I best support my child’s physical development? Museum staff are happy to discuss any and all questions. Come as you are. Babes in laps are welcome.

Children / Education / Entertainment

23 Friday / April 23, 2021

Dive Deeper – Virtual

03:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Virtual Event (Zoom)

Topic: A Peek Inside the Laboratory
Join us on-line as we further explore how we can all be scientists every day. We will learn about some of the problems the oceans face that scientists are studying to fix, we will design our own experiments and even peek inside a real laboratory. All you will need for this Dive Deeper is paper, something to write with and your brain.

Children / Education / Entertainment

23 Friday / April 23, 2021

“John Watson, PhD” – Guided Experience

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Rainbow Bakery // Downtown Bloomington 

As the Covid-19 pandemic weighs heavily on John Watson, he reflects back on happier times pursuing his doctorate in English at IU and his friendship with the brilliant, young Sherman Hadee. Inspired by heist caper The Red Headed League, this drama casts Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic characters in a new light.

Cardinal’s Walkabout Radio Plays are a safe way to enjoy great storytelling in a unique setting! Each play is set in Bloomington and takes place on a designated walking route. All you need is a smart phone and your favorite headphones, and the world will be transformed around you! Listen to a new scene at each location at the story unfolds. Join us for this new, guided tour experience for small groups. These special group experiences will be led by a docent and guests will be invited to solve puzzles, enjoy some social time, and access bonus content.

Recommended for ages 16+ (mild language, violent imagery of war)

Total Episodes: 1

Estimated Experience Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (including approximately 15-20 minutes of walking. Benches of other seating available in many locations.)


Option 1 – Fri 4/23 @ 5pm

Option 2 – Sat 4/24 @ 12pm

Option 3 – Sat 4/24 @ 2pm

Option 4 – Sun 4/25 @ 2pm

The entire experience will take place outdoors and all attendees will be required to wear a mask. Attendees will have the opportunity to examine clues and solve puzzles as they try to crack the case. Each performance will be limited to ten people. A fun way to do this is to sign up with a group!

What to Bring:
-Water Bottle
-Good walking shoes (walk includes some uneven surfaces)
-Sunscreen / sunglasses

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with detailed information on where to meet for your tour. Please note there are no physical tickets for this event. Simply sign in with the box office attendant when you arrive.

Learn more and find tickets at https://cardinalstage.org/mainstage/walkabout-radio-plays/

Entertainment / Theater

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