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4 Saturday / May 4, 2019

EXHIBIT: Karl Martz and the Legacy of IU Ceramics

01:00 pm to 04:00 pm on Jul 27
Haan Museum, 920 E. State St., Lafayette, IN 47905

This exhibition features Karl Martz and the Legacy of Indiana University Ceramics. Martz’s influence spread throughout Indiana and beyond through the ceramics program that he established at IU in 1945, and through his students. The comprehensive exhibition features major works by Karl Martz, his wife Becky Brown, faculty that taught (or still teach) in the IU Ceramics Department, and MFA students who went on to establish successful careers in ceramics.

The Haan Museum will host a Lunch and Learn event related to the exhibition on June 4. Check the Museum’s website at haanmuseum.org for additional activities and more details.

Museum Hours: Wed – Sat: 1-4 PM.
Admission: $10 for adults; $5 for ages 5-17


4 Saturday / May 4, 2019

Smoke on the Mountain

07:30 pm to 09:30 pm
Brown County Playhouse

This comedy musical transports the audience back to 1938 where they play the part of the congregation at the Saturday Night Gospel. Hilarious characters, situations plus over 2 dozen bluegrass-based songs. Beer, wine, mixed drinks sold in the auditorium. BC Playhouse community theatre directed by Casey Kersey.

Comedy / Entertainment / Live Music

4 Saturday / May 4, 2019

16th Annual Gadabout Film Fest

08:00 pm to 10:00 pm
AR Center for Contemporary Arts 505 W. 4th Street

The 16th Annual Gadabout Film Festival. An international collection of short films.

For 16 years the Gadabout has strived to curate the best possible short film program year after year. Working to create an evening that is inspiring and fun. The Gadabout is passionate about short films, and being able to share their creativity, their imagination, and their ability to tell a story in a little amount of time.

Presented by the festival’s curators, the program will tour across the US, Canada, and Europe. Popping up at Universities, venues, art centers, back yards, and more. Creating an evening where short films are seen on a big screen with large sound, as intended.

Above all else, the screening is fun, well-paced, and diverse. Packed with narratives, animations, documentaries, and experimental shorts, ranging from extremely funny or silly to smart and thought-provoking.

The Gadabout is a touring film festival, having screened in over 15 countries, 45 states, and over 200 cities, but it’s Bloomington that they call home. That’s why this kick-off event is their most special!


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